New newsgroup for discussing newsreading software.

Robert Harper harper at FINSUN.CSC.FI
Tue Jun 25 00:20:07 EST 1991

Here is a clip from NN regarding a new newsgroup set up to discuss
newsreading software. It looks interesting and could provide useful
information if you want to grab hold of sources for software, or get
advice about different newsreaders.

************************   CLIP  *********************************
Welcome to news.software.readers!  Now all those questions about
rn, kill-files, and news-reading software have a home, rather than
hanging out in news.software.b, news.admin, news.sysadmin, news.misc,
and news.i.dont.know.where.to.ask.this.question.

Discussion is welcome on all news-reader topics, although "my reader's
better than yours" isn't very productive, and you won't convince the
already-convinced anyway.

Here's the charter:

Newsgroup news.software.readers is an unmoderated discussion for
newsreading software.

Potential topics for discussion include:
- rn and its variants
- tass
- xrn
- gnus
- Other platforms (Mac, MSDOS, VM)
- design issues - if you decide to write or significantly modify one.

Religious wars - rn vs nn, or gnus vs xrn - are not encouraged.

Technical issues about nn, notes, anu-news, and PSU NetNews will
probably find more answers in their respective newsgroups, but they
are not excluded from discussion here.
-end of charter-

I will be collecting correct (as best as I can test, anyway) answers,
FTP sites, etc, for a monthly posting or FAQ.

Doug Sewell
vote-taker for news.software.readers
doug at ysub.ysu.edu, doug at ysub.bitnet

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