image processing programs

Mark Bieda markb at bigtuna.UUCP
Fri Jun 14 18:46:23 EST 1991

     We have access to confocal images of stomatogastric neurons. Obviously,
there is a huge amount of data contained in these optical sections. I am
just beginning to explore the field of digital image processing, although I
have a decent mathematical background (Fourier analysis, etc.)
     Does anyone have recommendations vis-a-vis books, articles, or programs?
References to methods-type articles, particularly those covering neuronal
reconstruction or reconstruction of planar sections, would be real helpful.
I am also particularly interested in public domain image processing programs.
Are there any available (MS-DOS, SUN or Mac ok) that do the planar
reconstruction (or something close to it)? I have already picked up a few 
from the net that do convolution, etc. It strikes me that this problem is 
very similar to the one that brain scanning people deal with (like measurement
of ventricle volume) so I would be interested in hearing from anyone on the 
software end of those methodologies. I am also interested in corresponding 
with anyone working on these questions. My e-mail address is:
mbieda at uhunix.uhcc.hawaii.edu 

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