PIR Rel. 28 for FTP and Gene-Server new files

Dan Davison dbd at THEORY.BCHS.UH.EDU
Wed Jun 5 17:27:43 EST 1991

PIR Release 28 is now available for anonymous FTP from menudo.uh.edu,, in /var/ftp/pub/genbank-server/pir as:

    1001 Jun  5 11:43 README - intro file for this directory

VMS format files (suitable for use directly in GCG)

 558029 Jun  5 11:47 pir-vms-doc.tar.Z Doc files for Rel. 28 VMS version
5618293 Jun  5 11:48 pir1-vms.tar.Z VMS file set, annotated seqs
7310753 Jun  5 11:51 pir2-vms.tar.Z VMS file set, new seqs
4243243 Jun  5 11:53 pir3-vms.tar.Z VMS file set, unannotated seqs

ASCII (generic) tape version:
  463347 Jun  5 11:52 pir28doc.tar.Z Doc files for Rel. 28 ASCII version
 5846709 Jun  5 11:50 pir1.tar.Z  annotated seqs
 7225041 Jun  5 11:52 pir2.tar.Z  new seqs
 4058641 Jun  5 11:54 pir3.tar.Z  unannotated seqs

These files are stored in compress mode so they must be FTP'd in
binary mode, and decompressed with the unix compress command.  The following
files are provided to VMS sites without the software:

   13574 Jun  5 16:30 compress-decompress.hlp Help on compress/decompress
   74752 Jun  5 16:29 decompress-vms.exe      VMS executable for decompressing
    1580 Jun  5 16:30 decompress.cld          command line description file

Remember to retrieve this .EXE file in binary mode also!

New files on the gene-server:

Mac area:
nih-app-template.hqx    NIH grant form 398 template for Word
gatekeeper12.hqx        V. 1.2 of GateKeeper, anti-viral program

To get started with the gene-server send the word "help" to
	gene-server at bchs.uh.edu
	gene-server%bchs.uh.edu at CUNYVM

dan davison

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