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          National Center for Biotechnology Information

         Pre-Release of NCBI CD-ROM - "Entrez: Sequences"

Evaluation CD-ROM

The NCBI is providing a limited distribution of an  end-user  CD-
ROM which contains an integrated view of DNA and protein sequence
data and their associated MEDLINE entries.  After an  evaluation
of  the  CD-ROM, retrieval software and databases, a general dis-
tribution is planned for the fall of 1991.

Entrez Retrieval System

The retrieval system, Entrez, was developed at the NCBI and  pro-
vides  a fast and intuitive user interface for searching sequence
and bibliographic data.  A key feature of the system is the  con-
cept  of  'neighboring'  whereby  a  user  can locate all related
references or sequences by using pre-computed tables which  meas-
ure  the  relatedness of all articles and all sequences.  Thus, a
user can ask "Find all papers that are like this  one"  or  "Find
all  sequences  that  are  like  this  sequence".  In addition to
neighboring, which relates records within a database by statisti-
cal  measures  of  similarity,  'hard  links'  have  been created
between entries in different databases.   For  example,  given  a
MEDLINE article, there are links to entries in sequence databases
which have referenced that article.  Links also exist between nu-
cleotide  sequences  and  the  proteins derived from them through
conceptual translation.


The "Entrez: Sequences" CD-ROM contains over 86,000  MEDLINE  cita-
tions with abstracts which have been indexed under the MeSH head-
ing "Molecular Sequence Data" or which have been cited in the se-
quence  databases.   Complete  sequence data from Release 27.0 of
the Protein Identification Resource and Release 66.0 of GenBank
have  been  included on the pre-release CD-ROM.  Over 53,000 pro-
tein sequences from PIR and conceptual translation of GenBank
plus 35,000 nucleotide sequences from GenBank are available.  The
sequence databases have been compared with themselves to compute
groups of similar sequences using  the BLAST local alignment


In addition to the "Entrez: Sequences" CD-ROM, a CD-ROM  of  unpro-
cessed  data  files  without retrieval software will be available
for sites accustomed to integrating sequence databases into  cus-
tom  systems  and  for commercial redistributors.  It is expected
that both CD-ROMS will be distributed at two-month intervals.

A mailing list is now being assembled for individuals  who  would
be  interested  in  participating in the CD-ROM evaluation or who
would like to stay informed of the availability of  subscriptions

Hardware Requirements

  The CD-ROM requires either a Macintosh with at least 1 MB of memory,
and a hard disk or a PC-compatible computer with Microsoft Windows
(version 3.0 or later), at least 2 MB of memory and a hard disk.

The number of evaluation CD-ROMs is very limited and therefore we
have to limit the distribution to those who are willing to commit
some time to evaluating the CD-ROM and giving us your feedback.
If you can make this commitment, fill out the attached agreement
along with the mailing list information, and mail it to the NCBI.
We will not be able to send out evaluation copies to all requestors
but we will keep the agreement on file and send a copy of the next
release as soon as it is available.

Dennis A. Benson, NCBI/NLM
June 21, 1991


   To Subscribers of NCBI "Entrez: Sequences" CD-ROM:

   Please complete the following agreement, sign it and fax or mail to:

      National Library of Medicine
      Bldg. 38A, Room 8N-803
      8600 Rockville Pike
      Bethesda, MD 20894

      FAX:  (301) 480-9241

  We will return a copy of the agreement to you along with the
  CDROM.  You will also be notified of subsequent releases and
  subscription information.

  If you have any questions, please call (301) 496-2475 or e-mail:
     'info at ncbi.nlm.nih.gov'

  Thank you for your participation.


                      Pre-Release Agreement
                           between the
               National Library of Medicine (NLM)
                (Name of Individual/Institution)

    The  National  Center  for  Biotechnology  Information,  NLM,
hereinafter referred to as NCBI, and the undersigned agree to enter
into a pre-release agreement for the use and evaluation of a CD-ROM
system of information retrieval software and databases known as
"Entrez: Sequences" which has been developed by NCBI.  Use of the
CD-ROM shall be  governed by  the following terms and conditions.

I. Purpose
    The Entrez system has been  developed  by the  NCBI  as  a
research  and  development project to investigate CDROM retrieval
strategies.  Prior to general distribution, NCBI desires to  make
the software and databases available to a limited number of sites
in order to test and evaluate performance and functionality.

II. Conditions
1. Use of this CD-ROM is for non-commercial applications only and
is  contingent  upon agreement to cooperate with evaluation plans
to be developed by NCBI.  Evaluation may include on-line or  mail
questionnaires, and telephone interviews.

2. The software and databases are furnished as is, without  war-
ranty  of  any  kind,  either  express or implied, and the under-
signed agrees to hold NCBI and the Government free  from  any
liability resulting from  use  of the software  or  databases.
The software has been developed for PCDOS and Macintosh operating
systems  and the  NCBI makes no representation that the software
will execute on any other systems.

3. The undersigned agrees not to copy, sublicense, distribute
or transfer the  associated  data files, in whole or in part.
This agreement shall apply to the initial distribution of
"Entrez: Sequences" and subsequent releases of the evaluation
versions.  (Source code for the Entrez retrieval software, however,
is in the public domain and freely distributable.)

4. This agreement shall be effective upon the date  of  signature
of all parties and shall continue for one year, unless terminated
sooner by either party upon written advance notice of 30 days.

III.  Agreed to this ___ day of ________________.

        Signature (NCBI)

        Signature (Name of Individual/Organization)

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        Mailing Address

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