help with pc gene analysis

James P. H. Fuller jim at crom2.rn.com
Sun Jul 28 09:47:08 EST 1991

>In <9107261824.AA14142 at UU.NET> sandy at nmr1.UUCP (Sandy Silverman) writes:

> We are interested in supplementing our server based IG suite with a pc
> based DNA/protein analysis program for those of us who need quick, local
> analyses.  Any suggestion for a good one?  Thanks----Sandy

     To my previous reply let me add that if you're willing to run Unix on
that local PC your molecular biology software choices increase considerably.
Current PC hardware has far outrun the capabilities of MS-DOS.  A 386 or 486
PC-AT clone running Unix is close to a Sun workstation in power, at less
than half the cost.

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