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>Subject: Beta.4.2 of Prospero now available
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A beta release of version 4 of the Prospero file system is available
by anonymous FTP from cs.washington.edu in the file pub/prospero.tar.Z
(376 blocks).  It can also be obtained through Prospero itself from
/releases/prospero/prospero.tar.Z.  This release includes improvements
to the standalone Archie client that was included in the alpha

The Prospero file system supports a user centered view of files
scattered across the Internet.  It can be used to organize references
to files as if they were on your local system, without the need to
physically move them.  It also provides access to directories and
indices that can be used to find files of interest that are available
from Internet archive sites.

Changes since version 3 include the following:

 . Support for access control lists on directories and on individual 
   links within a directory.

 . Support for resolving multiple components of a name in a single
   query (reducing the number of messages required to resolve long names).

 . Support for Archie

 . Support for the Andrew File System

 . Support for shells other than the C shell.

 . The compatibility library is included.  This means that applications
   linked with the library can use the open call to open existing files
   named through Prospero.  The library will automatically select an
   appropriate access method if one is available.  For reading, files
   available by anonymous FTP will be automatically retrieved and
   a file descriptor for the locally cached copy returned.

Changes since the alpha release:

 . It is now possible to log specific events to syslog instead of or
   in addition to logging them to the Prospero log file.  

 . Changes to the reliable datagram protocol that improve lost packet 
   behavior for long responses (this is important for the archie client).

 . Portability improvements for compatibility library, and optional
   fall back to real file names if virtual file name is not found.

 . Various bug fixes and fixes for some machine dependencies

I would like to thank the following people for bug fixes and for porting
Prospero to other machine types since Version 3.

  John Curran 		NSF Network Service Center (NNSC)
  Jonathan Kamens	MIT Project Athena
  Case Larsen		Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory
  Rainer Orth           University of Cologne, Germany

As usual, please report bugs to bug-prospero at cs.washington.edu.

	~ Cliff

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