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Sat Jul 27 07:54:27 EST 1991

In article <16196 at ucrmath.ucr.edu> starbuck at ucrmath.ucr.edu (aaron greenwood) writes:
>In our lab we do molecular modeling on an Evans & Sutherland PS390.  

>We are now in a position to purchase another graphics machine.  We are looking
>at the following.
>Silicon Graphics Personal Iris 4/D
>Evans & Sutherland EVS.
Ok. We have a PI 4D25. As a matter of fact, that's what this is.
It's not the fastest machine on the planet, but it's reasonable, and
the graphics are really quite slick(24 Bit plane, Z-Buffer). Nice
machine really. I would recommend buying an Iris for one simple
reason. There are a lot of them sold. That means a lot of software
available. You may be able to get QUANTA, CHARMm, INSIGHT and Discover
for the EVS, but you may well find that there is nothing available
after that--which you won't like. This will keep you from having
a generally useful machine as opposed to a pure graphics machine.

The question I would ask is what IS an EVS? The SGI is a MIPS machine,
but who makes the guts of the EVS? This would be important, for assessing
how compatible the architecture is.

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