help with pc gene analysis

James P. H. Fuller jim at crom2.uucp
Sat Jul 27 11:07:41 EST 1991

In <9107261824.AA14142 at UU.NET> sandy at nmr1.UUCP (Sandy Silverman) writes:

>We are interested in supplementing our server based IG suite with a pc
>based DNA/protein analysis program for those of us who need quick, local
>analyses.  Any suggestion for a good one?  Thanks----Sandy

     Dr. William Pearson's well-known fasta suite of programs will compile
using Borland Turbo C and runs quite happily on an MS-DOS machine.  For
applications not included with fasta you might check the MS-DOS archives
at the University of Houston and at EMBL, both of which can be accessed
via mail servers, and at ftp.bio.indiana.edu which is ftp-only.

                                                   -- Jim

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