free Mac graphics software wanted

Don Gilbert gilbertd at sunflower.bio.indiana.edu
Tue Jul 23 07:35:03 EST 1991

In article <541 at nwnexus.WA.COM> farrah at nwnexus.WA.COM (Theresa Farrah) writes:
>I'm looking for some simple Mac software that will draw 3D molecular
>structures given coordinate files (e.g. Brookhaven PDB files).

Ftp to ftp.bio.indiana.edu
user: anonymous
password: your_user_name
ftp> cd chemistry/mac
ftp> dir
aminoacids.hqx         crystaltutor-demo.hqx  macmolecule.readme
atoms.hqx              ctutor.info            moleceditor.hqx
ballnstick-demo.hqx    macformula.hqx         orbitalmixing.hqx
bonding.hqx            macmimic-demo.hqx      periodic.hqx
chemintosh-demo.hqx    macmolecule-15.hqx     spinecho.hqx

The macmolecule program is probably your best bet, but you may want to
look at the others.   Get the "readme" file before you cd for more info
on this archive.              -- Don

P.S., I don't think there is any "simple" software that will draw 3D molecular
structures -- it takes a very skilled, smart programmer much time to write 

Don Gilbert                                     gilbert at bio.indiana.edu
biocomputing office, biology dept., indiana univ., bloomington, in 47405

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