DOS Plasmid drawing programs

kim at m44.unm.edu kim at m44.unm.edu
Tue Jul 9 15:34:54 EST 1991

In article <1446 at VAX1.CC.UAKRON.EDU>, r1dwo at VAX1.CC.UAKRON.EDU (Donald W Ott) writes:
>I am looking for a plasmid drawing program that can be used on an IBM,
>the program Easy-Cloner looks to be what I need but is only available on
>the BioTechNet which I do not have an account with. (Other stuff removed)

I'd like to get EASY-CLONER as well.  I understand that INTERNET users can 
E-mail into BioTechNet,and BioTechNet can E-mail out to INTERNET.  How would 
an INTERNET user contact the author of Easy-Cloner via BioTechNet?  This 
information would make it possible for me to contact authors directly.

Is there anyone out there with a BioTechNet account?  If so, what would be the
procedure for sending E-mail from Internet to BioTechNet?

Daniel Kim

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