free Mac graphics software wanted

wipke at secs.ucsc.edu wipke at secs.ucsc.edu
Tue Jul 23 08:08:04 EST 1991

>In article <541 at nwnexus.WA.COM> farrah at nwnexus.WA.COM (Theresa Farrah) writes:
>>I'm looking for some simple Mac software that will draw 3D molecular
>>structures given coordinate files (e.g. Brookhaven PDB files).
See Cense, J.-M. "MolDraw: molecular graphics for the Macintosh".
Tetrahedron Comput. Methodol. 1989, 2, 65-72, disk 5.  This program
provides many 3D presentation options and is quite professionally done.

It also provides a convenient 2D publication drawing capability, and
gives rotational animation.

-Todd Wipke
Tetrahedron Computer Methodology
wipke at tcm.ucsc.edu

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