Mailserv service from GARBO in Finland.

Robert Harper harper at NIC.FUNET.FI
Mon Jul 29 05:34:33 EST 1991

Since posting info about the Finnish ftp servers quite a few people
have asked if there is a BITFTP like service... since Princeton
does not supply connections to the nordic servers. 
Here is a typical question

********************   CLIP   **********************
> Hi, folks.
> I have heard about public domain UNIX on the finnish server garbo.uwasa.fi .
> Unfortunately, I haven't any chance to use FTP, because BITNET - FTP server
> in Princeton doesn't supply connection to Nordic servers.
> Isn't anywhere in the world any other FTP server, where I can found
> mirror of garbo, or how can I obtain files from Finland, but not using FTP?
> Is there anyone who can help me?
>                            Thanks.
And here is the the reply from GARBO. Hopefully this is a useful resource
to those users who are on bitnet and have no possibility to use anonymous

****************** GARBO mailserv instructions ***************

garbo.uwasa.fi archives are  available for both  anonymous ftp and mail
server. Here is our mail server help file:

Please read the following information:

	     x xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx x
	     x  Welcome to University of Vaasa, Finland  x
	     x		     garbo.uwasa.fi		 x
	     x xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx x


	garbo-request PC PD archive mail server

This is the  help file for  the mail server  located at garbo.uwasa.fi
This file can be requested by sending a 'send help' message, or a null
message, to  mailserv at garbo.uwasa.fi    with   a  subject   line    of
'garbo-request'.  (Don't include the quotes '').

It is now possible to get files from our  other directories, too. Like
unix,  mac    etc.   We have   mounted the  Mac  dir from nic.funet.fi
( where Harri keeps his main  Mac archives. Just put the
subdir in front of your request.

* TO REPEAT: The Subject-line of the message MUST say 	*
* 'garbo-request'. If it does not, Harri will get the 	*
* mail and I will send you this file the first time, 	*
* and delete your mail if it happens again.		*

The server recognizes six commands. They are:

path <path to your machine>
		If you want to use a different mail  address to return
		the requests you must specify  it using  this command.
		You should  contact your  system administrator  to get
		the optimized path especially if you are using UUCP or 
		BANG paths to get your  mail delivered to us. Our mail
		server checks  the mail queue  every 15 minutes  so if
		you don't  get response  in a reasonable    time you'd
		better check this one out with a little help from your 
		friends. You can use this command  with or without the
		corner characters.
		AND: do remember to use your common sense when testing
		various addresses; because it might be a boomerang try 
		to request  a  smaller  ones because   it is not  very
		clever  to jam the  net with two   mega requests which
		travels (at worst) two  times   over the Atlantic  and
		still not  get to the  one who asked   it.  AND it can
		make  several PostMasters unhappy while it travels.

send help 	sends you this message.

send pc/INDEX	sends you   a   list of   available PC    files   with
		This is now case sensitive!
		mac/INDEX would send Mac files list
		Other   possibilities:  win3/INDEX,  unix/INDEX    and

send dir/file	this sends the file 'file' from the index. Remember to 
		use filepath name if you are  requesting a file from a
		subdirectory.  That   is if   you   want a file called
		fv137.zip from arcutil directory you must  use request
		'send pc/arcutil/fv137.zip'
		Another example:
		'send unix/sc/sc6.10.tar.Z'
		And still:
		'send mac/appl/melt.sit'
		The format for the file name when using  ANONYMOUS FTP
		is e.g.
		This   FTP format   is   used in  most  of   our  news
		IMPORTANT!!!  The   format  for the   MAIL   SERVER is
		In other words omit / from the path when using our 
		mail server.

quit		As a general  rule,  it  is advisable to exclude  your
		signature from your request to  the mail-server or use
		this  'quit' command.  'quit'  is  useful if you  have
		something in your .signature that might be interpreted 
		as a server command.

So  if you wanted  to retrieve 'pc/_files.in'  from garbo.uwasa.fi you
could send mail with 'garbo-request' as the subject-line with the body
of the message being the text 'send pc/_files.in'.

For  example: (using  standard Unix-mail; Subject  is prompted - don't
use it in the message body, it won't work)

	% mail mailserv at garbo.uwasa.fi
	Subject: garbo-request

	send pc/_files.in

How to extract:  
The   files  are sent  using   'mailsplit'  that  takes   care  of the
uuencoding,  splitting and sending.

Save all  the parts into  the  same file in the   right order and then
remove the mail headers from the file and its  parts. Run uudecode and
you should have the binary (or MacBinary file if requesting Mac stuff)


This server is based  on  the  KISS  package provided by   Bill  Wells
(bill at twwells.com) and   Jon  Granrose   (odin at pilot.njin.net).   Many
thanks for a fine package.

I have included the MailSplit utilization to this package.   I like to
thank M F Wyle and H. Yamanaka for the wonderful program. It gave this
server ability to deliver also binary files.

Harri Valkama (hv at garbo.uwasa.fi)


Files you find in this  directory and its  subdirectories are archived
files. They  are made by using  PKPAK, PKZIP, PAK,  LHARC, ZOO and ARJ
programs which  you  find also in  /pc/arcers or /pc/pd2 in executable

PAK251.EXE, PKZ110EU.EXE, ZOO201.EXE, LHA212.EXE, PK361.EXE and ARJ210.EXE
are self-extracting programs which produce  several  programs by which
these   archive   files  are made.    These   EXE-files  contain  also
documentation that helps you to use these programs.

If you transfer new programs to us, use  directories called 'incoming'
and preferably use  subdirectories like  pc/incoming and mac/incoming.
If your  files  are  archived by some  other  program than the  normal
please transfer also the archiving program in such a form  that others
can also use your programs.  Incoming is unreadable BUT  writable.  So
you are able to 'cd' into that directory and 'put'  the files in.  And
remember to use 'binary' when uploading binary files.

See further instructions from file called pc/UPLOAD.INF

! And please drop me (Harri) a mail message for that I can contact   !
! the sender if I have any problems with uploaded files and/or just  !
! to thank him/her.						     !

See also files in directories /pc/pd2, /pc/ts, /mac, /unix, /X11

See contents listings in files called 'INDEX'.

If you have  suggestions concerning improvements  of this archive site
(or problems) please drop me a mail.


The directories /pc/ts and /pc/pd2 are moderated by
                Timo Salmi (email : ts at uwasa.fi)
                University of Vaasa

Directory /unix, /X11 and /vms are moderated by 
		Hannu Hirvonen (email : hh at macavity.uwasa.fi)
		University of Vaasa

Directory /mac, /unix and /X11 are moderated by 
		Harri Valkama (email : hv at garbo.uwasa.fi)
		University of Vaasa

You can find a short description of the programs  in these directories
in the file
and directory listing in the files called

There are also  files called _files.in and _files.out  which show  

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