image processing programs

Glenn Holm karuzis at wccf.mit.edu
Fri Jul 12 17:46:23 EST 1991

In article <6707 at ns-mx.uiowa.edu>, colburn at tessa (alex colburn) writes...
>In article <9106142346.AA00689 at wasabi.bio.hawaii.edu> markb at bigtuna.UUCP (Mark Bieda) writes:
>>     We have access to confocal images of stomatogastric neurons. Obviously,
>>there is a huge amount of data contained in these optical sections. I am
>>just beginning to explore the field of digital image processing, although I
>>have a decent mathematical background (Fourier analysis, etc.)
>>Are there any available (MS-DOS, SUN or Mac ok) that do the planar
>>reconstruction (or something close to it)? I have already picked up a few 
>	It looks like what you really want is a volume rendering system,
>as far as public domain, you might be interestest in apE.  apE is available
>for a $75 fee from apE at apE.sogp.osc.edu (I think there is an old SUN
>version for free).  There is also a variety of NCSA software for X11.
>I doubt you'll find anything for DOS machines since volume rendering is
>a real memory hog!!!  
>	If you have access to a Silicon Graphics machine you may 
>want to look into Voxel View or some other renderer.

agreed on the Silicon Graphics Iris and Voxel View.. that's what they're
designed for.  The only even halfway decent 3-D system I know about that
runs under DOS is the Eutectics, but that does tree structures and requires
a vector processor.  the images from our Bio-Rad confocal are not very
friendly for any other applications.

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