New Database of Biotechnology Researchers Available

Gary A. Ruggles ruggles at mcnc.org
Thu Jul 18 11:21:35 EST 1991

There is a new resource available to the biotech community from the North
Carolina Biotechnology Center which should be of interest to many bionetter's.  They recently announced the completion of the "Biotechnology Research Faculty 
Profile"  It is available in electonic form for importing into personal computer
based databases.  Also the Bureau of National Affairs should be publishing a
book version in September.  I have seen a copy of this database, and they have
done a really nice job. (It is huge, approx. 2.3 Mbyte as an ASCII file).
Below are excepts from some of their literature about this directory database: 

	Accurate data for organizations needing information on 
	research and research markets in biotechnology.

	The Biotechnolgy Research Faculty Profile Database is a 
	detailed compendium of approx. 4,200 full-time faculty
	researchers working in biotechnology at U.S. colleges and
	universities.  The database was compiled by the Biotechnology 
	Information Division of the North Carolina Biothechnology 
	Center and Synergistic Technologies, Inc.  All data are
	direct form surveys completed by the researchers in 1991.

	Each entry in the database contains a wealth of information
	to help you tap the academic biotechnology community:

		- Title/Name		- Research Application
		- Position		- Organisms Used
		- Department		- Research Techniques used
		- University		- Personnel
		- Address		- Funding Sources
		- E-Mail Addr		- Collaboration interest
		- Phone/FAX		- Research Description
		- Expertise

	The database can be searched to identify faculty, based on
	specific research interests, etc.  It can be used to:

		-  Assist technology transfer, research collaboration,
		   marketing, and sales.

		-  Locate scientists, new technologies, and research projects.

		-  Create mailing labels, merge letters, and target specific

	The Biotehcnology Research Faculty Profile Database is available 
	as a computer file in a variety of PC-compatible or Macintosh 
	ASCII formats for easy transfer to your favorite database or 
	spreadsheet program for custom data manipulation.

	Formats:  IBM and compatible		Macintosh
		  3.5"				5.25"
		  ASCII Tab-delimited		ASCII comma-delimited
	Price: $1,200.00 postpaid 

For more information interested parties can contact the Biotechnology 
Information Divsion of the NC Biotechnology Center:

	North Carolina Biotechnology Center
	Biotechnology Information Division
	P.O. Box 13547
	Research Triasngle Park, NC 27709
	Tel.  919-541-9366        FAX  919-549-9710

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