New Database of Biotechnology Researchers Available

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Sat Jul 20 18:30:24 EST 1991

In article <8065 at alvin.mcnc.org> ruggles at mcnc.org (Gary A. Ruggles) writes:

>  There is a new resource available to the biotech community from the
>  North Carolina Biotechnology Center which should be of interest to
>  many bionetter's.  They recently announced the completion of the
>  "Biotechnology Research Faculty Profile"  It is available in
>  electonic form for importing into personal computer based databases.
>  Also the Bureau of National Affairs should be publishing a book
>  version in September.  I have seen a copy of this database, and they
>  have done a really nice job. (It is huge, approx. 2.3 Mbyte as an
>  ASCII file).

I'm a little confused.  Is this a commercial product announcement?
If so, I don't think it should have been posted to all those bionet groups.
If not, how about some instructions on how to obtain it for free by
electronic means, such as anonymous ftp.  (The 2.3 Mbyte size is
not a problem.  Lots of software packages of this size, such as emacs
and the X windows system, are distributed in this way.)

>	   Formats:  IBM and compatible		Macintosh
>		     3.5"				5.25"
>		     ASCII Tab-delimited		ASCII comma-delimited
>	   Price: $1,200.00 postpaid 

Ouch.  Let's hope that when the Bureau of National Affair's book comes
out, someone will scan it onto computer and make it available on-line.
I'm supposing that BNA is a government agency and therefore their
publications do not carry copyrights.

>   For more information interested parties can contact the Biotechnology 
>   Information Divsion of the NC Biotechnology Center:
>	   North Carolina Biotechnology Center
>	   Biotechnology Information Division
>	   P.O. Box 13547
>	   Research Triasngle Park, NC 27709
>	   Tel.  919-541-9366        FAX  919-549-9710

How about an email address?

Don Bashford
bashford at scripps.edu

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