Computer image of the HEART and the BRAIN?

gt3228c Yeh,Edwin R. gt3228c at prism.gatech.EDU
Wed Jul 31 01:29:51 EST 1991

Are there any computer diagram of a _heart_ or the _brain_ availible 
somewhere on the net? I recall seeing an ocular-anatomy hypercard stack 
written for the Macintosh.  Is there one for the heart or the brain 
(it doesn't have to be on the Mac's; PC, NEXT, or SPARC formats are fine. 
In fact, any computer generated, drawn, or digitized graphs of 
either the heart or the brain is fine.)

Please sent e-mail to gt3228c at prism.gatech.edu or post.
Your information will be appreciated and acknowledged. Thanks.

Edwin R. Yeh (@ Georgia Tech)      |Internet:gt3228c at prism.gatech.edu
Computer Engineering/Neuroscience  |Phone   :404-676-0981 (Summer'91)

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