DNA Fingerprints/Southern data digitizers

usercu11 at mts.ucs.ualberta.ca usercu11 at mts.ucs.ualberta.ca
Tue Jul 2 16:21:40 EST 1991

In article <1991Jul2.111510.635 at ac.dal.ca> nbr at ac.dal.ca writes:
>We are t
>We are tooling up to DNA fingerprint large numbers (100's to
>1,000's) of individuals, and would like to ask the following
>questions of fellow bio.netters:
>1) Can anyone suggest or recommend software (DOS) for handling
>   pen-and-tablet type digitizers.  We want to automate the 
>   inputting of Southern hybridization data directly from the
>   developed autoradiograms.
>2) Does any have experience doing this kind of thing, and could

No experience, but the last issue of Biotechniques had lots of
info on this sort of thing.

     Chris Upton

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