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Robert Harper harper at NIC.FUNET.FI
Mon Jul 29 02:26:22 EST 1991

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>From: paul at actrix.gen.nz (Paul Gillingwater)
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>Subject: EEP .newsrc editor just posted in alt.sources
>Message-ID: <1991Jul28.000442.7119 at actrix.gen.nz>
>Date: 28 Jul 91 00:04:42 GMT
>Organization: Actrix Networks
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For those who are interested in a user friendly mechanism for
selecting newsgroups to subscribe or unsubscribe to with rn or trn,
you may be interested to check out eep.  This has just been posted
in alt.sources.

It is intended for use with a UNIX BBS that offers access to rn or
trn.  I wrote it to use with my BBS, Actrix Information Exchange,
which is based on a heavily modified XBBS.  

The major feature is that it uses the descriptions posted by Gene
Spafford to make it easier to choose which newsgroups they want to
read.  This makes it suitable for use by infrequent news readers, or
people who are new to news.

I'd be very interested in hearing if anyone actually installs or
uses this code.  Please send me mail if you are, and I'll add you to
a mailing list for information on eep and future enhancements which
are planned.

I plan to submit eep to comp.sources.unix when I've had the chance
to fix some portability problems.  I'd welcome mail of diffs and
patches to ensure portability.  The original version was developed
under ISC UNIX 2.2.1.
Paul Gillingwater, paul at actrix.gen.nz

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