Primer design on Mac?

Mike Cherry cherry at frodo.mgh.harvard.edu
Mon Jul 8 16:41:26 EST 1991

In article <534 at nwnexus.WA.COM>, farrah at nwnexus.WA.COM (Theresa Farrah) writes...
>A while ago someone inquired on this group about software
>for designing oligonucleotide PCR primers on the IBM PC.
>I would like to make the same inquiry, but for the Macintosh.
>I am interested in all available software, from PD/freeware
>to commercial products.  I will post a summary of responses.
>         -- Terry Farrah, Immunex Corp.  (farrah at nwnexus.wa.com)
>	    51 University St. Seattle, WA   98101   (206) 587-0430

A program called Primer is available via anonymous ftp from 
genome.wi.edu, thats at the Whitehead Institute in Cambridge, Mass. What 
is available via ftp is the C source which runs nicely under Unix or VMS. 

Macintosh, IBM-PC, and Sun executibles are available. Note the Macintosh
version is not a Macintosh interface, rather its just a TTY window on the 
Macintosh and looks just like the Unix, PC, or VMS versions. A complete 
manual is also available.

For all the information retrieve the readme.asc file from the 
/distribution/primer.0.4 directory. This file tells all about whats 
available and how to get a Macintosh copy. This is not public domain and 
there is a license to be signed, no commercial use is allowed. See the 
readme.asc file for details.


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