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>Subject: GLE32D - High quality graphics package for scientists
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I have uploaded to SIMTEL20:

GLE32D.TXT      Installation instructions for GLE graphics pkg
GLE32D_1.ZIP    GLE Scientific Graphs, Slides, (Core & Screen)
GLE32D_2.ZIP    GLE PostScript Driver & Expanded Memory versns
GLE32D_3.ZIP    GLE Epson & HP-Deskjet & extra fonts
GLE32D_4.ZIP    GLE Utilities, surface plotting, HPGL driver

GLE is a hi quality graphics package for scientists.  GLE
combines a user friendly interface with a full range of
facilities for producing publication quality graphs, diagrams,
posters and slides.

It provides LATEX quality fonts together with a flexible 
graphics module which allows the user to specify any feature 
of a graph (down to the line width of the subticks for example)

Complex pictures can be drawn with user defined subroutines and 
simple looping structures.

The SURFACE utility allows hidden line surface plotting.

The CONTOUR utility allows contour plots. 

The MANIP utility allows columns of data to be manipulated.

The FITLS utility allows arbitrary equations to be fitted to 

Current device drivers support DECWINDOWS, REGIS, TEK4010, all PC 
graphics cards, VT100's, HP-Plotters, PostScript Printers, EPSON 
Printers and LaserJet Printers.

CGLE is available for both VAX-VMS and PC's, giving an identical user
interface on both platforms.

Some scientific journals now recommend that graphs be submitted in
GLE format.

                                Chris Pugmire

                                (srghcxp at grv.dsir.govt.nz)

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