GelReader 2.0b available

Mark Lanett ml27192 at uxa.cso.uiuc.edu
Mon Jul 22 14:53:19 EST 1991

A beta version of NCSA GelReader 2.0 for the Macintosh II is now available from
the NCSA ftp server. We've re-written it and consider it to much more user-
friendly than previous versions. It is stable but has not undergone extensive
field testing (that's this test) so it may change a bit before final release.

GelReader is in the biology/GelReader/g2.0 directory; the ftp server is being
upgraded and it will soon move to the Mac/GelReader/GelReader2.0 directory.
If you haven't ftp'd many files you should also read the README.FIRST file
in the ftp root directory.

Official Blurb:

NCSA GelReader is a product designed to automate to some degree the measurement
of DNA length using digitized electrophoretic gels. First, a digitized gel
image is read into GelReader, and displayed as an image. GelReader has the
capability to find the lanes and the bands in the gel. Lanes and bands can be
interactively added and deleted if necessary. Then, known molecular weights
(standards) can be used to approximate the molecular weight of the remaining
molecules. The result is a text report listing the approximated molecular
weights of the molecules.

Mark Lanett						mlanett at uiuc.edu
Software Tools Group, NCSA

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