DSSP program, prediction algorithm by V.I. Lim

Diane Zimmerman zimmerma at constance.rutgers.edu
Thu Jul 11 00:55:59 EST 1991

What ftp sites have the Kabsch and Sander DSSP program? Although the 
original paper by K & S says that DSSP is distributed with the PDB
database, it isn't included with our local installation...

Also, does anyone know of a site with the secondary prediction
algorithm defined by V.I. Lim (1974)? According to Fasman's review of
prediction, it was implemented by J.A. Lenstra and Kabsch and Sander,
and is supposed to be deposited at PIR. But since I don't have an
account with PIR, I can't access it (??). 

I am new to usenet-share-ware and feeling slightly overwhelmed by all
the labyrinthian paths I've been searching!! I tried using "prog dssp"
on archie but got nowhere.

I appreciate any pointers,

Diane Zimmerman

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