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tony at wehi.edu.au tony at wehi.edu.au
Wed Jul 31 19:07:51 EST 1991

Hi folks,
	Despite the kerfuffle that surrounded the discussion of VMS and
Unix versions of AUTHORIN a week or two ago on bionet.general, I went 
ahead and cut the VMS database submission form program, SUBFORM, from our 
system and made it a standalone package. It is a purely VMS based program
written in mainly Pascal with some Fortran, and makes extensive use of
SMG screen handling. It is built around the database submission form as
distributed by the databases. The program was written a couple of years ago
and so uses the form as it was then.

	Let me emphasize that this is NOT a VMS version of AUTHORIN. It
produces an ASCII file for mailing to the databases. I am not privy to
the protocol used by AUTHORIN.

	The note below describes how to get the program. Also note, that
if you have problems that I will be on leave 4th August through 11th
August off doing a spot of cross-country skiing. So mail responses
to problems might not get answered until after the 11th.

	Also I have cross posted this between bionet.general and bionet.
software.  As it is software, lets have any further discussion in 

				Good Luck, Tony Kyne,
					tony at wehi.edu.au
                    VICTORIA,  3050, AUSTRALIA  
    TELEPHONE: International 61-3-345-2555  National  (03)  345  2555 
                    TELEX: 30625 Attention ME3659  
       FACSIMILE: International 61-3-347-0852 National (03) 347 0852  


                         TO INTERNATIONAL DATABASES


                              Marina Spaulding
          (Ludwig Institute for Cancer Research - Melbourne Branch)


                                  Tony Kyne
         (The Walter and Eliza Hall Institute for Medical Research)

Correspondence:    Tony Kyne,
                   The Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research
                   Post Office, Royal Melbourne Hospital,
                   Victoria, 3052
                   e-mail: tony at wehi.edu.au

   SUBFORM is Copyright (1991) by Dr. Anthony P. Kyne, Computer
   Sciences Unit, The Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical
   Research, PO Royal Melbourne Hospital, Victoria, 3050, Australia.

   This program is made available for public use and must not be sold
   for profit. It can be freely distributed, as long the banner section
   of this document is included with any distribution.

                    ---- End of Banner ----
    The international  sequence database  submission form  program for VMS is
now available.  This  program  uses VMS  SMG screens  and  on  screen editing
facilities to assist  users in preparing and mailing an  entry to the various
database collators. The  entry produced by this program closely resembles the
submission form distributed  by the databases.  The program  was built around 
the form as it  existed a  couple of years ago.  It is not, repeat not, a VMS
version of AUTHORIN.

    The SUBFORM package now is available for ftp from the pub subdirectory at
wehil.wehi.edu.au   (  as  a  compressed  VMS  backup saveset.
European  and  North American users are  requested to conserve  the  precious
satellite bandwith between Australia and the US and try to  use ftp  or  mail
servers at FUNET (nic.funet.fi), UH  Gene  Server  (gene-server at bchs.uh.edu),
IUBIO (ftp.bio.indiana.edu) and  EMBL (netserv at embl-heidelberg.de). Hopefully
the  package will be  available at these  sites  in a day or so. The  package
includes  the  C  version  of  Don Gilbert's  (dogStar  Software and  Indiana
University biology Department) READSEQ package for  reading files  in various
popular sequence formats.

    (Please note that  this  SUBFORM  package  has  been  pulled from a wider
sequence analysis environment at WEHI/LICR/CSIRO-BME.  Hence if you decide to
get into the code to modify the  program,  and see what appear to be odd bits
of code about, it is some of the support code for local situation.)

    Select a home directory  for  the  package  and uncompress and unpack the
backup  save  set.  (A  decompression   executable  is  also  available  from
wehil.wehi.edu.au and other sites if you do not have this available.) It will
create a directory subform  and  subdirectories for sources and documentation
and the READSEQ package.

    The top directory, subform, contains all the necessary working files. You
will need to customize a number of files to get  the package  working.  Print
either the  Postscript  (SUBFORM.PS) or ASCII (SUBFORM.ASCII) versions of the
manual for the rest of the installation process.

    SUBFORM has tested OK on VMS 5.2, 5.3-1 and 5.4-2. I suspect that you may
have real difficulties running it on pre VMS 5.0 systems. Major  enhancements
occurred with Pascal about then.

    Send all comments, bouquets and brickbats to me(tony at wehi.edu.au). Marina
is no  longer with us - she  has stopped working for  the love of science and
now earns lots of filthy money in the commercial world downtown.

				Good luck, Tony Kyne.

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