Help request: lungs fractal model

Joel Polowin POLOWINJ at QUCDN.QueensU.CA
Fri Jan 25 21:55:58 EST 1991

I'm new on here (tr.: I'm not sure what I'm doing), but I was hoping that I
could get some help for my roomie's father...  He's looking for software that
will generate a fractal model of lung topology.  The idea is that after they
parameterize the thing for normal lungs, they could then fudge the parameters
to see if they can thereby duplicate a variety of lung abnormalities.  They've
read that lungs exhibit the typical fractal scaling characteristics, and infer
from this that someone must have done this kind of modelling, but haven't been
able to track anything down.  Can anyone give some pointers?  A variety of
hardware could be used, ranging from C64s to Macs, PCs, SUNs, and so forth.
Thanks very much.

Joel Polowin:  POLOWINJ at QUCDN.QueensU.CA, polowin at chem.QueensU.CA

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