seqaidfd....what does it do?

Bob Keys rdkeys at CCVR1.CC.NCSU.EDU
Thu Jan 31 14:22:03 EST 1991

Snooping around the seqaid.doc a bit indicates that it is a DNA sequence
analysis software.   Quote ...

 " SEQAID II is a multifunctional program for DNA and protein sequence
analysis.  Functions include editing, extracting sequences from a
GenBank floppy disk release (not provided), modified Needleman-Wunsch
alignment, dot matrix comparison, fragment sizer, base composition,
translations, protein structure and hudropathicity, restriction site search,
and locating potential exons by codon bias. "

 ... unquote.

R.D. Keys, rdkeys at ccvr1.cc.ncsu.edu
Dept. of Crop Science
NCSU, Raleigh, NC 27695-7620.

P.S.  Perchance Why Am I Getting a Copy of Seemingly Everything Coming
Through the Server In My Own Email Box, Rather In The net.mail.column?

I am new to the server as of this week, so am not really sure.....

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