Minor fasta infelicity

Martin Bishop mbishop at crc.ac.uk
Sat Jan 26 09:47:43 EST 1991

I came across a problem with fasta when running against small datasets
when it is possible that there are no scores higher than the cutoff.
Its in fffasta.c in routine showbest() when bbp is a pointer to
NULL and then the next bit of code tries to print out the results.
I cured this as below:

/* This is the place where trouble occurs if no scores greater than cutoff! */
if (bbp == NULL) return;
/*fprintf(stderr,"Heading for trouble\n");
fprintf(stderr,"(*bbp).score %d hcutoff %d\n",(*bbp).score,hcutoff);
fflush(stderr); */
		if ((bbp->score > (2*hcutoff)) ||
		(bbp->score > hcutoff && bbp->gscore > (4*bbp->score/3)))
		   nshow += 10;
		   if (istart<mshow) goto l1;


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