Problems with sequence alignment program

Don Gilbert gilbertd at cricket.bio.indiana.edu
Wed Jan 23 10:42:32 EST 1991

In article <4981 at lure.latrobe.edu.au> MICPRF at lure.latrobe.edu.au writes:
>	I recently ported to my unix box and to a VAX the sequence
>alignment program called align, found in align.ARC in Don Gilbert's
>great IuBio archive. Unfortunately, on both machines when I run the
>program the alignment output for 2 protein sequences contained in 2
>input files always consists of both sequences listed one after the other

I don't use this align program myself, but have gotten it to work, at 
least on simple dna sequences.  I had to fiddle with it a bit.  You might
want to try my revision, which runs on Iubio VMS Vax.  See align1.arc
in directory [archive.molbio.align] on Iubio.bio.indiana.edu.
-- Don

Don Gilbert    gilbertd at cricket.bio.indiana.edu
biocomputing office, biology dept., indiana univ., bloomington, in 47405

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