ELM ( Unix mail interface)

"Robert Harper Finland", CSC HARPER at CSC.FI
Mon Jan 21 04:59:00 EST 1991

I have been using ELM for about 6 months now. It is a very nice programme
for handling mail. Here are the details if you want to give it a try.

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                           The Elm(tm) Mail System
                (C) Copyright 1986, 1987, by Dave Taylor
           (C) Copyright 1988, 1989, 1990, USENET Community Trust
                        An Overview of the Elm Mail System

1. What is Elm?

        In the lingo of the mail guru, Elm is a "User Agent" system,  it's
designed to run with "sendmail" or "/bin/rmail" (according to what's on
your system) and is a full replacement of programs like "/bin/mail" and
"mailx".  The system is more than just a single program, however, and
includes programs like "frm" to list a 'table of contents' of your
mail, "printmail" to quickly paginate mail files (to allow 'clean'
printouts), and "autoreply", a systemwide daemon that can autoanswer
mail for people while they're on vacation without having multiple
copies spawned on the system.

2. What's New about Elm?

        The most significant difference between Elm and earlier mail
systems is that Elm is screen-oriented.  Upon further use, however,
users will find that Elm is also quite a bit easier to use, and quite
a bit more "intelligent" about sending mail and so on.

3. What systems does it work on?

        Elm was originally written on HP-UX, HP's proprietary version
of AT&T System V, with a little BSD thrown in.  Since then, it has been
ported to AT&T, Berkeley, Sun, UTS, Pyramid and Xenix and should run on
all these systems without any modifications.

4. Does it obey existing mail standards?

        Yes!  That's another of the basic reasons the program was
originally written!  To ensure that the date field, the "From:" line
and so on were all added in the correct format.  The program is 100%
correct according to the RFC-822 electronic mail header protocol

The following sites have agreed to make Elm available via anonymous ftp.

        Site                    Contact
        mthvax.cs.miami.edu     a.e.mossberg, aem at mthvax.cs.miami.edu
        wuarchive.wustl.edu     David J. Camp, david at wubios.WUstl.EDU
        wuarchive.wustl.edu     David J. Camp, david at wubios.WUstl.EDU

        In Europe:
        sol.cs.ruu.nl           Edwin Kremer, edwin at cs.ruu.nl

        In the UK:
        uk.ac.soton.ecs         T.Chown at ecs.soton.ac.uk (bitnet)
                                T.Chown at uk.ac.soton.ecs (JANET)
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