Geneplot, Actpot, Growplot

Alex Colburn colburn at handel.cs.colostate.edu
Fri Jan 4 12:27:44 EST 1991

Clarification of previous post Educational Programs Available

	Yesterday I posted a note outlining a few education programs
Geneplot, Growplot and Actpot.  What I failed to say
is that these programs cannot be made available without charge.
As part of the package, I am including a printed users manual and lab guide,
and since I'm an impoverished student, I really can't afford
the expense of giving the programs away.  
 	I've been pleasantly suprized at all of the response I've gotten
so far, so I've come up with a price list.

	Geneplot $30
	Actpot   $30
	Growplot $15

Also, I know that many people are interested in just looking,
so I'll post some sort of demonstration copy of these programs
and no documents to the simtel20 archives.   These will be the
same programs with the number of generations limited to 20 for
geneplot and growplot, and I'll think of something for actpot.
I'll archive them into a file call biosims.zip.

	If anyone is interested, I've also developed some theory and
written a prototype program that uses a Quantitative selection model
with a covariance.  I can post that too.

I apologize for any misunderstandings or inconvenience,

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