request for gene database information

Gill Watt watt at eleazar.dartmouth.edu
Thu Jan 24 19:42:08 EST 1991


I am in the process of developing hardware and software 
to do some basic gene sequence analysis (edit distance, 
homology stuff) and want to get a local copy of a part 
of GenBank or some other database for testing and 

1.	Is it possible to download large sections from an ftp
site?  Is it possible to get a hold of 1/4" tapes of
data or even CD-ROMs for local use.  I am using a
Mac IIfx for most of this stuff and would prefer to
have everything be accessible under the Mac environment. 

2.	Is there a document that details the various database
formats?  If so, where can I get a copy?

Thanks in advance.


Gill Watt (watt at eleazar.dartmouth.edu)
Thayer School of Engineering, Dartmouth College, Hanover, NH  03755

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