Yves Bertheau bertheau at jouy.inra.fr
Sun Jan 13 13:29:34 EST 1991

Helleo networkers,

I am looking for any information (review, papers or personnal communications)
concerning the comparison of statistical and cladistic approaches for the
same results.

For example are they papers comparing trees resulting from hierarchical
classification (see SAS statistics package for example) and phylogenic programme

Moreover I am looking for informations on how to analyze several kinds of
results such as: RFLP patterns, isoenzymes patterns, pathogenicity level...
in order to try to differenciate bacterial strains isolated from several host-
plants. Is it better to analyze (i) the RFLP patterns then the other ones or
(ii) to analyze RFLP and isoenzymes data together ?

Any comments on the practical approach of the analysis of these results would be
I could summarize the direct e-mail I will receive.

Thanks for your help

                                Yves Bertheau
                                INRA Plant Pathology
                                PARIS FRANCE

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