RFLP/restriction mapping software

Christian E. Fritze fri0 at quads.uchicago.edu
Mon Jan 21 13:42:15 EST 1991

A colleague is undertaking an RFLP mapping project and seeks information
on software for the job. The software would run on Apple Macintosh (prefer-
able) or DEC VAX computers. Ideally, the software package(s) would allow
him to do three major things, though information about any one of these
would be appreciated:

1. Accept scanned images of gels, and convert band position to fragment 
length based on comparison to a standard lane.

2. With ouput from (1) above, or from manual input of restriction
fragment lengths and strain designation, produce an RFLP map.

3. Using data from (1) above, or from manual input of restriction
fragment lengths, generate a restriction map of the region.

Please e-mail replies directly. Thank you.
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