Anon FTP for geneplot,actpot, and growplot demos

Alex Colburn colburn at handel.cs.colostate.edu
Sat Jan 5 15:12:32 EST 1991

RE: Actpot, Geneplot, and Growplot.

	There has been just incredible response asking for copies
of my biology simulations, so if I haven't returned an email note,
I'll get to it sometime soon.  In the meanwhile I've created some
demo versions of these programs that are absolutely free!
By demo version, I mean there is no documentation and some functionality
is limited.  You can still use them enough to play and test to
your heart's content. 

Thanks to the gracious help of Don Gilbert I've been able
to set up on the Iubio archives.  The address is:


        This is a vax machine so ftp is a bit weird if you're
	used to unix boxes.

	after you log in, change directories by
	cd [.receive]         (that's where I put it)
	cd [.biology]         (that's where it should end up)
	Don't forget to set the file type as binary,
	(I tried the usual tenex and it gave me a corrupted file,
	but it was getting late, and I probably couldn't type
	my own name correctly)

Also I submitted the demos the simtel20 archives,
	the address is WSMR-SIMTEL20.ARMY.MIL,

	I assume it will be in the PD1:<MSDOS.EDUCATION> directory

I want to make it clear that these are only demos, to obtain the
registered version you must contact me.  As gauche as it may seem,
this is not share ware, and there is a little fee to help
recover costs.

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