Minor fasta infelicity

William R. Pearson wrp at biochsn.acc.Virginia.EDU
Mon Jan 28 09:25:27 EST 1991

In article <12746.9101261447 at crc.ac.uk> mbishop at crc.ac.uk (Martin Bishop) writes:
>I came across a problem with fasta when running against small datasets
>when it is possible that there are no scores higher than the cutoff.
>Its in fffasta.c in routine showbest() when bbp is a pointer to
>NULL and then the next bit of code tries to print out the results.
>I cured this as below:
	This problem should not occur with fasta version 1.5, since
there is no "cutoff".  It will be fixed in version 1.4.  Thanks for
the report.

	If any of you know about other problems with fasta, please tell
me.  It seems silly for people to know about bugs for months or years and
not tell the author of the software.  

Bill Pearson

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