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Eliot lear at turbo.bio.net
Tue Feb 26 21:44:30 EST 1991

spam at iastate.edu (Begley Michael L) writes:

>[...]...X will be painful but nearly tolerable
>at 9600, and it actually passable at 19.2K.  A couple of trailblazer modems
>running data compression will actually work reasonably well (assuming good
>telephone lines, of course).

Actually there is a new tool available called Xremote that distributes
the task of processing X protocol requests between a local UNIX system
and a remote X server (``remote'' being on the other end of some serial
connection; presumably anything acting like a terminal would do).
This is not unlike what Graphon and NCD do to improve serial line

I'll check into the availability of this software and get back to this
Eliot Lear
[lear at turbo.bio.net]

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