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VLADIMIR at wehi.dn.mu.oz VLADIMIR at wehi.dn.mu.oz
Tue Feb 19 05:03:07 EST 1991

Hello Bionetters,

    I have a great pleasure reading this newsgroup. Some interesting 
issues have been tackled here. However I have feeling that in a way 
we are loosing an important point.
What about the opinion of end users - scientists, biologists, doctors ...
My impression is that for an average user the best system is the one that
     i) produces results
    ii) (s)he knows how to use it
Molecular biology software covers a broad field, including bits of 
everything. Some projects require PC-s, some require supercomputers. 
Which of these are better?

I would like to hear more (both positive and negative) criticism from 
the end users about their software and platforms, then we can decide 
more easily what is "the best" at this moment.

Vladimir Brusic
The Walter And Eliza Hall
Institute of Medical Research
Melbourne, Australia

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