Mopac 6.0 anonymous FTP download

Brent H. Besler bbesler at vela.acs.oakland.edu
Sat Feb 9 15:52:04 EST 1991

As I mentioned in a previous post, I have set up Mopac 6.0 for anonymous
FTP download on ouchem.chem.oakland.edu(IP number  It is
located in the directories pub/unix and pub/vax.  The vax directory
contains the full ftp tape distribution of Mopac 6.0.  The unix
directory contains a version which works on DEC Ultrix workstations.
That version should also work on the Silicon Graphics Iris series.  As
per many requests, a compressed tar of both directories is in the pub
directory as unix.tar.Z and vax.tar.Z.  The documentation for mopac
is in the files mopac.man and update.man in both the unix and vax

   The files SIZES in the Unix version replaces the file dimsizes.dat in
the vax version.  This file is an include file which controls the amount
of memory used by the program.  The limits are defined in term of the
number of non-hydrogen atoms(MAXHEV) and H atoms(MAXLIT), that may be in
the molecules.  There is a Makefile in the unix directory, which is
suitable for the DEC Ultrix systems and may need to be modified for
other Unix systems.  I will shortly be putting a Sun, Cray, and IBM
VM/CMS version up for download.

Disclaimer:  Mopac 6.0 is a public domain program.  The vax version is
the only "certified" version.  There is a verification test deck
avaiable from QCPE, but I have not tested any of the ports yet.  I am
solely putting the up for download as a service to the computational
chemistry community.

NOTE:  I am unable to incoporate any extensive e-mail support of Mopac.
There is a special issue of the Journal of Computer Aided Molecular
Design on Mopac(June 1990 issue).  Telephone and e-mail support is also
provided by Major Don Storch of the Air Force Academy.  His telephone
and e-mail address are in the file mopac.man.

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