X on Internet

Mon Feb 25 17:01:34 EST 1991

I see more and more an interest in molecular biology software on Unix
using X-windows.  The reasons for heading that way have been discussed
on thisboard often.  Molecular biologists have a lot of work to do and
do not want to learn how computer systems work.  They want something
easy to use.  I am going to set up a SPARCstation 2 to be shared by
a few labs around me over an ethernet  network.  Has anyone ever tried
to log in over Internet from an X-terminal or PC/X-terminal and use an
X-window application?  What about a high-speed modem?  Would it work
like a bogged down networkor is there no way to login this way?


      Stephen Baird
      Molecular Genetics
      Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario
      Ottawa, Ont., Canada
      Sbaird at acadvm1.uottawa.ca

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