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>Subj:	Searching for educational software in molbio (gel/fragments) !!!
>I'm looking for a educational program to demonstrate the principle
>of agarose gel to display the DNA fragments depending on its molecular weigh.
>The program should run on a PC with Mono or VGA Card and display
>the result of a gel as a graphic with bands, that shows how far
>    =======================================
>several fragments would run on the gel, depending on its molecular weight.
>The program will be used in a course in molecular biology to demonstrate
>the principle. For example:

We have utilized SuperCalc 5 spreadsheet program (which can operate like
Lotus as well as export files as Lotus) to perform the kind of data
analysis and output you seek. If SC5 or 123 are available to you I would
be glad to provide the template files to you. Let me know. The data entry
is smple. Measure the distance and score each band, smear, etc on a 
relative intensity scale of +1, +2, +3, etc. You then enter relative score
in the template file at the proper distance. The marker distances and
relative intensity are utilized to plot a semi-log output of bases vs
distance traveled in cm. The relative intensity of samples is utilized
in a graphic output as an electrophoretic profile vs the plot of marker
size in bp. This is much less expensive than photographs and the students
like it because each can produce their own output for their research
book. Hope this helps.


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