X-Windows, InterViews, and molecular biology software

Dan Davison Davison at UH.EDU
Sat Feb 16 13:36:14 EST 1991

A comment about the Free Software Foundation's commerical software
policy is not true:

> 	Unless, of course, you wish to _eat_ by selling what you write
> (my .sig ins wholly unambiguous).  The Free Software Foundation makes
> it clear that they do not want, and can leagally prevent you from, 
> using their software for commercial software
> Chris Dow                             IntelliGenetics

Wrong. Perhaps you should read the notice again?  Or take a look at
the software on the NeXT?  You can use it commerically *if* you also
distribute source code and make available the compilers for a media
charge.  MIPS, Alliant, NeXT haven't hand a problem selling their
software.  There are also restrictions I have not followed on the use
of the g++ libraries, but this is not a particular problem to others,

See gnu.misc for an ongoing discussion of the exact meaning of the
FSF's General Public Licence.

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