X-Windows, InterViews, and molecular biology software

David Kristofferson kristoff at genbank.bio.net
Wed Feb 13 00:58:54 EST 1991

> I'd like to hear your comments on whether X-Windows software for 
> molecular biology will grow in importance over the coming decade 
> over personal computer software.  Also, are you currently using X-
> Window software?  Do you expect to in the next year or so?


	As long as you are speaking in decades I am sure that the
answer is yes 8-).  I still think that the standard Mac interface
remains the most popular for biologists in the near term and am unsure
of the appeal of A/UX.

	I personally use an X terminal which serves off of one of our
Sun fileservers for most of my work.  X terminals utilize X windows
(obviously).  They have the advantage of being cheaper than a
workstation (or a Mac loaded up enough to run A/UX) and allow one the
same type of working environment, i.e., multiple windows, cutting and
pasting, etc.  However, within the windows themselves I am simply
running the various standard character-based software on GOS.  Others
in the systems group here are running software written specifically
for X windows in their environments, but I haven't had sufficient need
yet to "upgrade" since my current set up handles my needs quite
adequately (the old inertia problem again 8-)!  But then, I am a
humble administrator, not a software engineer, and my needs are not

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