Mac software reviews

Robert Harper harper at nic.funet.fi
Fri Feb 15 03:01:25 EST 1991

("Rainer Fuchs ", EMBL Data Library) writes:

Rf>Today I received two excellent reviews by Peter Markiewicz, Stanford, on
Rf>molecular biology software for the Macintosh computer. They cover both
Rf>commercial and public domain software. I put them on the EMBL File Server
Rf>where they are available as MAC_SOFTWARE:MACREVIEW.1 and

For people in Europe who want to obtain these texts you can get 
them from the FTP site NIC.FUNET.FI (IP No.
In the directory pub/sci/molbio/mac.

To login use anonymous as username, and your E-mail address as 
a password. The size of the files are as follows:
sun4 /pub/sci/molbio/mac 2Rf> dir 0*.*
-rw-r--r--  1 harper   funstaff    61077 Feb 15 09:11 0programs.txt
-rw-r--r--  1 harper   funstaff   123230 Feb 15 09:26 0reviews.txt


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