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J. R. Valverde JRAMON at ccuam1.uam.es
Tue Feb 26 05:46:00 EST 1991

        this may be of not much use to you. And I must admit we still haven't

tried it yet.

        Here, we have purchased the PCSA software from DEC for communication
in our LAN. This software supports connections through modem, LocalTalk and
Ethernet, and provides X-windows client support for micros (PCs and Macs). It
seems that X-client works fine with Ethernet, but we haven't set up yet the
modem support for remote connections, though I bet that trying to run X with
a modem line will be too slow to be useful (maybe at 64000 bauds? can't

        The bad news is that PCSA runs only under VMS and Ultrix, not on
Sun or other Unix boxes. But maybe, you could use the X-client software
with different underlying comm protocols. Since all we have here as servers
came from DEC I can't say.

        Anyway, theoretically, you should be able to remotely run X programs
with an X-client and an internet comm. package, even through slow speed lines.
However using low speed lines should be of less use.

        Hope this helps.

                J. R. Valverde

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