UH Gene-Server Anonymous FTP updated; new Mac SeqLogo

Dan Davison Davison at UH.EDU
Sun Feb 17 22:59:26 EST 1991

The UH Gene-Server anonymous FTP archives had gotten out of sync with
the e-mail files and were updated, including the indices, this

There is also a new version of Tom Schnieder's SeqLogo, available in
the Mac area.  This is the same version as is in the Unix area, in
source code only.

The anonymous FTP archive is menudo.uh.edu,, and the files
are in ~ftp/pub/genbank-server/dos, ~ftp/pub/genbank-server/unix,
~ftp/pub/genbank-server/vms, and ~ftp/pub/genbank-server/mac.

The Gene-Server PIR files will be updated this week and may be
unavailable briefly during that time.  The anonymous FTP archive of
the PIR *database* files will be available later tonight; the
*complete* release will be available when disk space permits.  The PIR
is in ~ftp/pub/genbank-server/pir as pir1.dat.Z, pir2.dat.Z, and
pir3.dat.Z.  Remember to use 'binary' mode when FTP'ing.

The GenBank entry e-mail server is updated weekly.

dr. dan davison/dept. of biochemical and biophysical sciences/univ. of
Houston/4800 Calhoun/Houston,TX 77054-5500/davison at uh.edu/DAVISON at UHOU
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