Unix based protein secondary structure predicter wanted.

Margot Utterback utterbac at husc9.harvard.edu
Thu Feb 21 11:57:43 EST 1991

I seem to be having some trouble with news propogation at my site so my wife
is posting this for me.  My appologies if you have seen my two previous

I am in desperate need of a secondary structure predicting program. I already
have predict7 and pronet (both excellent) however, I need to run them in batch
mode.  That is, I need to be able to create a set of files to run against and 
have the program run and create a new file with the predictions.  Both predict7
and pronet try to be user friendly and use full screen graphics to present menu
choices thus defeating any attempts to run them in batch mode.

So, if you have a sec. struct. predicter that runs under unix, or you know how
to run either of these programs in batch mode, or have a DOS program that can
run in batch mode, or (failing all these) have the source code to a program that
does use a full screen interface, please send me some email.


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