OCR (char reading) software?

robert m straubinger rms at acsu.buffalo.edu
Sat Feb 16 16:38:19 EST 1991

I'm wondering whether there exist public-domain OCR (Optical Character
Recognition) programs, and I haven't seen a discussion thread on the topic.
It seems no matter how up-to-date the database is, one frequently ends
up typing in sequence data. I realize there *are*
commercial OCR programs around, but I haven't seen a review
that made me want to buy one.
	My target machine of preference would be Macintosh, TIFF or PICT input,
and C or Pascal would be great if source were available as example code.
	Emailed replies will be summarized and posted here.
Thanks for any info ...
	Bob Straubinger
	rms at acsu.buffalo.edu

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