pedigree drawing programs

Mon Feb 11 18:03:00 EST 1991

I am aware of 2 programs which will draw pedigrees under MS DOS.
A note on one of them, PEDRAW, recently appeared in Annals of Human
Genetics (1990) 54:365-367.  I have no experience with this program.
A second program is one developed here at the University of Washington,
called GENETREE.  GENETREE uses a commercially available driver
package, and thus has distribution restrictions.  We are looking into
possible options to be able to make the program available, either
to individuals who already have a copy of the graphics drivers, or
to those willing to pay some royalty fee to the company.  We are
also trying to convince the company that the royalty fee should be
reduced or eliminated for academic users.  GENETREE has worked very
well for me because of its flexibility.  Input is a flexible ascii
file containing at a minimum for each individual: id and parents'
ids, and sex if symbols are to be squares and circles.  The following
are possible:  multiple marriages, inbreeding loops (except cross
generational inbreeding), marriages without progeny, a slash for dead,
33 different shading patterns, split and whole symbol shading, diamonds
if sex is not specified, progeny with only one parent in the pedigree,
generation numbers, possibility of up to 25 text and/or number fields
around and in an individual's symbol (positions can be user specified),
ability to control size and/or spacing of pedigree symbols, titles,
ability to take input from either a file or from the keyboard, displays
pedigree to screen, printer or plotter, can be used in batch mode or
interactively (to "fiddle" with the display options), and can print
multiple page pedigrees.  For information on GENETREE, contact
me by e-mail at wijsman at saam.bioeng.washington.edu.

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