Mac <-> Ethernet

Eliot lear at turbo.bio.net
Mon Feb 25 13:49:24 EST 1991

Basically, you want something to do Localtalk to Ethertalk
translation.  There are several boxes available, each with different
benefits.  Most of these gateways also support CAP (Columbia Appletalk
Package), a public domain package that enables UNIX machines to speak

Cayman Systems, located in Cambridge, MA makes something called a
GatorBox.  In addition to Localtalk to Ethertalk support, Cayman also
has something called GatorShare built in, which enables Macs to access
Sun disks.  I have no experience with these boxes.

Shiva Corporation, also located in Cambridge, MA, markets the
FastPath-4.  Its functionality is similar to the GatorBox, but it
doesn't have GatorShare, and does have NVRAM to assist with power
failure recovery.  We have one of these, and it works just fine, with
the exception that it loses its mind every few weeks, and needs to be

Eliot Lear
[lear at turbo.bio.net]

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