Mac <-> Ethernet

J. R. Valverde JRAMON at ccuam1.uam.es
Fri Feb 22 13:44:00 EST 1991

        I would like to know about your solutions to this problem.

        I'm facing now the connection of micros to our flamant new Ethernet
network. While there is no problem in connecting PCs, Macs II or SEs, there
still remain old Macintosh Plus and some new Macintosh Classic to be linked.
I plan to support Mac X even on these computers so they can log in VMS and
Ultrix transparently, so the link to Ethernet should better be fast.

        From the documentation about DEC's PCSA it's assumed that you can
easily connect a Plus to thin-wire Ethernet without problems :-). Now the
real problem. No one in Spain seems to know how to accomplish this, nor
it seems to be commercial ways.

        I know of Ether+ boxes and had planned to purchase some of them, but
I'd like to know of other's expertise in this subject. How do you connect
Mac Plus to Ethernet and what's your experience on the results? Which is the
best way? Any reference to an European or American vendor who could provide
connection boxes?

        Thanks a lot (or two)

                J. R. Valverde
        Biomedical Research Institute
                Madrid - SPAIN

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