GenBank nightly USENET sequence data software updated.

smith at mcclb0.med.nyu.edu smith at mcclb0.med.nyu.edu
Thu Feb 21 14:03:05 EST 1991

      We have updated the software for the automatic maintenance of GenBank
from USENET which we have written for VAX/VMS.  The new distribution has the 
following new features.

      - New code to process the check-sequence messages received from GenBank
each week to allow checking the sequence delivery.  With this addition 
nightly USENET updated banks are essentially verified weekly for completeness.
This makes us feel much better about using the USENET feed.
      - Several bug fixes over the last few months including a fairly 
substantial reorganization of the code.
      - A program called EZFETCH which can be used (by people who run GCG)
to facilitate searching for sequences by primary and secondary accession 
numbers and also by locus, and subsequently FETCHing any matches into the 
user's current directory.  

      The general functionality of the programs include: capture of the 
daily sequence update feed from USENET.  The incorporation of these sequences 
into an UPDATE bank, regenerated nightly, and the maintenance of log and 
index files from these sequences.  Command files which allow the UPDATE bank 
to be stripped of sequences incorporated into the latest GenBank tape 
distribution based on the closing date of the tape distribution. And now the 
weekly check-sequence message processing to provide a degree of UPDATE bank 

      The software can be retrieved by anonymous/FTP from 'mcclb0.med.nyu.edu'
as the single file NIGHTLY_PAK.COM, or from our MAILSERVer by sending mail to
MAILSERV at NYUMED.BITNET with the following two lines in the body of the 


The distribution is in the form of a VMS_SHARE archive which automatically 
unpacks the distribution components.
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